Holiday Travelers Can Expect Lower Costs For Travel This Year

a bag of moneyThe cost of travelling is always a concern for consumers. Where can they find the best deals? What is the cheapest mode of transportation? Will things be cheaper or more expensive this year than they were last year? These are the types of questions that many people grapple with as they prepare to make their holiday travel plans.

The good news is that the American Automobile Association, who recently partnered with the Massachusetts-based economic research and consulting firm, Global Insight, predicts that consumers will find lots of savings this year.

The Leisure Travel Index, AAA’s monitoring system they use to calculate the cost of travel each year, indicates that everything from airfare fees, which are expected to be four percent lower than last year, to rental car and lodging costs will all be lower than what they were a year ago.

Car rental rates are down three percent and the cost of AAA’s Three Diamond lodging is expected to be down by an astonishing eleven percent. AAA monitors twenty of the most popular cities across America for the costs associated with hotel and car rental, as well as forty pairs of cities to predict how expensive travel will be.

The average daily rental cost for a car is projected to be $44.00 dollars a day. Airfares for Thanksgiving weekend should be approximately $177.00 for a roundtrip ticket, and AAA’s lodging will come in at between $128.00 and $92.00 per night depending on which accommodations you choose.

Glen MacDonell, AAA’s director of travel, says that even though Americans are still struggling through tough economical times, the fact that there are more holiday travellers this year than last year is a good sign that things are looking up.

Lower travel costs will certainly make a difference in the travel plans that consumers are making this holiday season. There are more people travelling, and even more taking that extra time to find the best deal they can as they take advantage of the lower rates that the travel industry currently has.