Las Vegas Captures Top Travel Destination

welcome-to-las-vegasLas Vegas has always been a popular travel destination. Though the travel industry tried a few years back to turn it into a family friendly travel destination, this didn’t last long. It will always be the “adult playground” and that’s what brings people back year after year. Though it’s always been popular, within the last couple of years it has grown exponentially in its popularity. There are several factors contributing to this fact, and in 2009 travel to Las Vegas reigned supreme. Yet again, Las Vegas captures the top travel destination within the United States.

Everyone Getting in on a Good Deal

Though travel may have been down overall within 2009, that doesn’t mean that people aren’t travelling at all. Las Vegas captured the top spot for another year, and it has a lot to do with the great deals being offered. Travel companies are getting in on the act and offering up unbeatable deals to this hot spot. Those wishing to get away from it all or who want to visit this well known adult travel destination are taking advantage of the amazing deals. Hotels are offering rates at an all time low, and it doesn’t stop there. Airline carriers are offering airfare at a steal, because they know it will pay off big time.

Though there are other travel spots that continue to be popular amidst a slump in overall travel, Las Vegas is still at the top. As a trip here can be a rather expensive one, getting a deal on the trip there and your accommodations makes it a lot more palatable. Even for those living on a budget, the great deals are enticing enough to make a trip to Las Vegas a reality. New York, Chicago, and Orlando continue to be at the top of the list, but Las Vegas is head and shoulders above the rest. It’s unclear if the trend will continue once the amazing deals are gone, but for now the travel industry is getting in on the act and enjoying the increase in travel. The hope is that this will carry over to business travel to this hot spot for conventions in the New Year.