New Holidays Take Over Top Travel Times for the Year

Though many people think that Thanksgiving makes up the busiest time of the year, that may not be the case anymore. Though many people used to travel home for some turkey and family time, the average traveller is choosing alternate times of year to make it home. While Thanksgiving is still in the top five, actually capturing the number three spot, it is no longer number one.

A New Top Spot

christmas-getawayThe most popular travel time is now Christmas. Even for those who may not celebrate the holiday, this ranks high amongst travellers and has evolved throughout the years into the busiest travel time. Following closely is Fourth of July, which is surprising for some. Perhaps it’s because it is smack dab in the middle of the summer months and allows for a nice warm vacation home. Perhaps it’s because most people have the time off of work and can turn this into a long weekend at the least.

Travel companies, airline carriers, and hotels have focused in on these new travel patterns. Though these busy times are relatively new, they are focused on offering some great travel deals at Christmas time and at the Fourth of July. It’s not only important for those within the travel industry to keep up with these trends in terms of offering good deals. It’s also important that they be aware of these new trends so that they can be prepared for the increase of traffic by the exponentially higher number of travellers. Though this all comes at a welcome surprise when travel has been down overall, it does involve a concerted effort on the part of those within the travel industry.

Passengers Be Prepared

It makes sense that these are the two busiest travel times of the year, but it may take some getting used to on the part of passengers. Travelers may be surprised to find extremely long wait times and a crowd of people at the airport that they hadn’t anticipated. It is expected that this trend will continue, and therefore passengers should be aware and keep an eye out for great travel deals at these busiest travel times.