South Africa Standing Out As A Travel Destination

south-africa-standing-out-as-a-travel-destinationToday Visa Inc.’s Tourism Outlook: South Africa report, reveals that international cardholder spending is on the rise in South Africa. This increased spending is a continuation of upward spending from 2008.

In 2008 Visa network realized an eleven percent increase from 2007 in the number of international transactions to South Africa. Thirteen million transactions were made by international travellers on their Visa cards. This represents $1.8 billion in tourism profits. Nearly half of all the Visa transactions during 2008 were by U.S. and U.K. citizens. Together these travellers contributed $812 million to South Africa’s economy.

This increase spending trend is consistent for 2009 as well. The first quarter of 2009 showed that international Visa cardholders spent nearly $500 million in South Africa.

As South Africa prepares to kick off the 2010 FIFA World Cup, interest in the country is expected to rise even more.

“The 2010 FIFA World Cup will provide a significant opportunity to position South Africa as a desirable leisure destination. As travellers are discerning in the choice of destinations and time of year for travel, Visa’s insight into tourism behavior and attitudes in South Africa and globally can support the tourism providers in capturing tourism revenues,” says Visa’s Sub-Saharan Africa, Charles Niehaus, MD. “Visa is committed to providing a reliable global payment acceptance network for our cardholders. Visa is similarly dedicated to supporting state and local governments in their efforts to grow tourism revenues by providing tourism data and insights that show where and how visitors spend their money.”

Visa’s Travel Tourism Outlook Survey doesn’t only focus on Visa cardholder spending in South Africa. It also evaluates the travel intentions and attitudes of more than 5,500 travellers from eleven different nations around the world who have engaged in international travel over the last two years. The survey indicates that one in three of these international travellers plan to put South Africa on their travel itinerary.

South Africa has a lot to offer its visitors. Beautiful landscapes not seen anywhere else in the world, rich local culture, safaris, pristine beaches and lots of interesting and exciting things to do can all be found in South Africa.