Tarmac Delays Limited to Three Hours

waiting-at-airportAs the issue always seems to come up in the height of the travel season, this all comes at a great time. Though many travellers have suffered through long and drawn out wait times on the tarmac, a new rule puts a limit on how long that delay can be. Rather than sitting on the tarmac waiting for weather to clear up or air traffic to allow take off, a limit of three hours has been put on such an activity. This rule comes out of much government pressure to limit the amount of time that passengers have to wait on an airplane almost helpless on a tarmac.

The Horror Stories Come in Every Year

The horror stories seem to stack up every single year, and almost always at the height of the holiday travel season. Each horror story seems to be worse than the one before it, but the overall message is the same. Passengers are sick of waiting for hours on end while any number of issues may be occurring. This has even turned into potential lawsuits as passengers who have special needs or who are travelling with small children need certain resources. This new rule will prevent such occurrences from ever happening again.

Now no matter how busy the airport, how bad the weather, or whatever the circumstance may be, the longest that a passenger can sit on an airplane at the tarmac is a maximum of three hours. While this may sound like an awfully long wait, it’s nothing to the upwards of ten hours that some passengers have suffered through. Congress really wanted to push this bill, and it’s good news for passengers who may have otherwise dreaded the busy travel season. This takes some of the pressure off and lets passengers know that even the worst inconvenience still isn’t as bad as it could have been. Though this has nothing to do with delayed or cancelled flights overall, it can be of great help in ensuring that passengers aren’t trapped on the plane with nowhere to go—some comfort at this busiest flying time of year.