The Stress Of Air Travel This Holiday Season

Attractive Young Business ManThough some believe the recession is over, other are still feeling the effects of it on a daily bases. As such, making ends meet is a top priority. For those consumers that plan to travel this holiday season, finding a good rate is of the utmost importance if they are going to stay within their allotted budgets.

Air travel is by far the quickest, and in some cases, the easiest way to travel. The problem with air travel is that the costs associated with this form of travel are not as cheap as they were a year ago.

When the recession first hit, airlines were scrambling to offer consumers competitive rates in order to stay afloat. They reduced rates, and used smaller planes as a means of making sure that there weren’t a bunch of empty seats on their flights. However, even though there are those that feel the recession is far from over, air travel costs are once again on the rise.

In order to avoid high rates, consumers need to book early in order to keep the cost of air travel to its lowest. Many travellers are stressed out with all the advanced planning involved.

They’ve got to shop around for the best rates, and make sure they have enough seats if flying as a group. Then there’s the problem of determining which days to fly on as some days can cost up to 25% to 30% more than other.

Barbara Messing, vice president of explains that you can find great savings if you travel on the holiday itself or travelling a day or two away from the peak travel days.

The economy is definitely impacting how air travellers are planning their holiday agendas this year.

Says Beth Caulfield, AOL Travel editor in chief, “They’re spending less, but they’re being very selective about what they choose to spend, and not spend on, so they can maintain their holiday traditions.”

Trying to play this financial balancing act can wreak havoc on a person’s stress level. Experts agree that the sooner you make your travel plans the better, and if you are planning to travel by air, book your flight as early as possible.