Travel Numbers Are Up; Especially In The Leisure Sector

travel-numbers-are-up-especially-in-the-leisure-sector1If you’re still waiting for the travel industry to stop its downward spiral, it looks as if you won’t have to wait anymore. The most recent numbers and percentage from a host of surveys indicate that the travel industry’s freefall may be coming to an end. Recent analytical reports from Piper Jaffray and Citibank strongly indicate that the travel industry appears to have reached its lowest point of the recession and is now on the rebound.

The most recent trends detected in the travel industry as well as the data that’s been collected through numerous agencies are good news for both the travel industry and the economy in general. Many sectors of the industry that have been struggling to make a profit, or even to keep on an even financial keel, show signs of growth. The percentages are coming up again rather than continuing to spiral down.

The United States hotel industry has seen a slow but steady stabilization in the number of occupant is hosts, and the average daily rates (ADR) have risen over the summer season. Much of this increase in business is attributed to leisure travel.

Seems that even in spite of the hard economical times the United States, and the world in general, have been struggling with over the last year and a half, consumers are finding ways of setting time and money aside for the purpose of rest and relaxation. This increase in leisure travel spending is seen both nationally and internationally. This is good news for both the travel industry and consumers in general.

The stronger the travel industry sector grows, the more stable the economy becomes. This is a good indicator that the world is beginning to rebound from its catastrophic economical collapse in 2008.

Not all businesses in the travel industry are seeing the increase in numbers that other sectors are. Car rental agencies, and some online travel companies, haven’t seen their percentages increase. The rate of decrease, however, has slowed to an almost undetectable crawl. The outlook for the 2010 travel industry definitely looks promising.