5 Best Amusement Parks

istock_000003611739xsmall1There’s something about an amusement park that brings out the kid in everyone. Whether you like to ride the roller coasters all day long, or simply like to enjoy some of the action from the side lines, there’s truly something for everyone. The rush you get from zipping through the air is second to none. There are rides fit for the thrill seeker and even some for the tamer at heart. Whatever your thing is, amusement parks offer thrills and fun that keep people coming back year after year. If you want that rush or want to recapture a bit of your childhood, these amusement parks are sure to please. Here we look at the best amusement parks so that you can enjoy every second of it, just like when you were a kid.
1. Cedar Point: Located in a tiny little town in Ohio, this amusement park is big with the thrill seekers of the world. Every year the experts at this park come out with a ride that is more thrilling than its predecessors. There is virtually no limit to the number of roller coasters you can ride here, and each one offers a unique and thrilling experience. You can also enjoy everything from kiddie rides to water rides and everything in between as well.
2. Ratanga Junction: One of the newer amusement parks out there, this is a great thing for South Africa. It has a wide assortment of rides ranging from thrilling roller coasters to some amazing water rides. Those visiting can get a great bargain by visiting this park, and can also enjoy some great thrills and a lot of fun.
3. Disney World: No list of theme parks is complete without Disney World. Though there are some roller coasters for the thrill seekers, there are plenty of other types of rides for the younger set. The characters, the rides, the setting, and the sheer experience are something that everyone should enjoy at least once in their lifetime.
4. Everland: In South Korea, this amusement park is quite popular and draws in travellers from everywhere. It’s a huge park that actually includes three different parks within itself. You can enjoy the many roller coasters or even try out the full racing course for yet another thrilling experience.
5. Busch Gardens: The rides are only part of the draw to this amusement park, because there is so much more here. This park emphasizes animals and nature, and you can find some amazing examples of both. The rides bring in some people, but the animals and real life nature experience are what brings them back year after year.