5 Canadian Travel Experiences You Can’t Miss

istock_000000886229xsmall1We all have our little list of things we want to make sure we do or see before we die. And, for most of us, at least some of the things on the list involve travel. Well, if you want to get in some great travel experiences right in Canada, be sure you don’t miss the following 5 great Canadian travel experiences.
Niagara Falls – Of course, Niagara Falls tops the list of Canadian experiences. Much more beautiful and less touristy than Niagara Falls on the US side, Niagara Falls attracts 18 million visitors a year and is listed as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Be sure to take a boat ride where you can see the falls from the bottom.
Nova Scotia’s Antigonish Highland Games – If there’s even one drop of Scottish blood in your veins, you have to experience the Antigonish Highland Games at least once. Since 1863, these games, held in July, have celebrated everything Scottish. There’s a Kilted Golf Tournament, pipe bands, dance competitions, a Grand Street Parade and lots of concerts.
Mont Tremblant Provincial Park – This 482 square mile wilderness reserve in Quebec has about 300 lakes, three rivers, waterfalls and mountains. It also has just about the best fall foliage of anywhere in the world. Outdoor enthusiasts can find swimming, hiking, fishing camping, skiing and snowmobiling in the park. Any time of year is the right time to visit Mont Tremblant.
Carnaval de Quebec – Quebec’s 17 day long Carnaval is one of the biggest winter carnivals in the world. The Place Desjardins is converted to an outdoor winter amusement park with an ice palace, ice maze and plenty of children’s games. There’s lots of live music and entertainment along with night parades, skating, snow rafting and dogsled rides. The festival is held in late January and early February.

The Calgary Stampede – Every year from July 6-17, Calgary holds it’s Stampede. You’ll find rodeos, concerts, casinos, horse races and chuck wagon dinners for entertainment. Calgary is normally a quiet town, but for 10 days in July it’s loud, it’s noisy and everybody is a cowboy!
Of course, Canada is a huge country and there are plenty of other things to see and do all over the vast land. But, if you can manage to experience these five exciting Canadian sites, you’ll have seen some of the best that Canada has to offer.
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