5 Great Holiday Family Getaways

5-great-holiday-family-getawaysIt’s that time of year again—time for holiday travel. The holidays are a great time to get away with the family and to enjoy some much needed down time. You can find the perfect vacation to fit any budget, interest, or lifestyle, so there’s nothing holding you back. As you think through the best way to get away from it all and celebrate the holidays with your loved ones, here are a few ideas to consider.
1. Take a family cruise. Though this may sound like a rather expensive option, you might be surprised at what great deals you can get. There are cruise packages to fit nearly every budget, and this is an excellent time of year to look for some big discounts. Consider a cruise as a family getaway because you can all be together and still enjoy a wide range of activities fit for every age group and personality. You are sure to enjoy excellent food and take in a few different destinations so it’s a perfect blend!

2. Escape to a nearby but fun destination. If money is tight but you still want to get away and make this a new tradition, consider a nearby spot. You can go for the big city that is closest to you, or even hit a family fun type of hotel that’s just down the road. The point is to be together and to make a getaway part of your holiday tradition. Go for a family road trip or get away to somewhere a bit closer to home.

3. Pick a spot to have the whole family meet up at. You don’t have to travel over the river and through the woods to meet up with grandma for the holidays. Though you can certainly pick a spot within the family each year and make that your chosen destination, you can pick a spot where nobody even lives. It can be a lot of fun to pick a new destination each and every year, and you can cater this to the budget and interests of the group.

4. Hit the slopes for some winter fun. Whether you get to enjoy winter in your given location or not, a family winter wonderland getaway can be the perfect way to celebrate the holidays. You can either hit the slopes at a major ski resort or go for a more low key destination that allows you to get out and experience all that winter has to offer.

5. Hit a hot spot to celebrate the holidays in style. Though you may shy away from hot spots such as Disney or a hot spot like New York City, you can actually find some great travel deals out there. Sure these hot spots may be a bit crowded with others who had the same bright ideas, but celebrating the seasons with Mickey Mouse or in a big city can make for a great tradition.