8 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

istock_000010692479xsmall1Even though the world is still dealing with the consequences of economic recession, it does necessary mean you have to abandon the idea of a romantic honeymoon. Sure, now you have to work with a tighter budget, but it is possible. Today, more than ever, certain destinations are becoming more affordable in order lure tourists out. Lower prices on travel packages and accommodation are not going to last forever so you should jump on them while you can.

With that in mind, if you are hoping to find the perfect place to go for your honeymoon, you should start by checking out the following eight affordable honeymoon destinations.

Brazil – The biggest draw of this South American country is its many beaches. Of course, many of the cities also offer a exciting and fun nightlife if you are interested. Brazil offers plenty of culture for those who love to delve deeper below the social surface.

Chile – Despite the extra-long plain trip to Chile, the trip is really worth the expense. Once you land, you should have no difficulties securing low-priced hotels or other accommodations. There are plenty of social events and other attractions available as well, and all of them cost very little or nothing at all. Chile is great stop if you want to treat your new spouse to a fun and simple experience.

Colombia – Yet, another South American destination that is worth noting. You will save a bundle on round-trip airfare, a perfect choice for the most budget-conscious travellers. This will mean more cash to spend on succulent local cuisine and other amenities for you and your spouse to enjoy, while you take in the unique vistas of this South American country.

Fiji – Despite the initial price tag for air fair to this remote paradise, the weakened status of the local economy has made big discounts the way of business in Fiji. That means cheaper food and accommodations. Now, you can concentrate on enjoying the beaches and the beautiful weather.

Jamaica – As with other countries, airfare to Jamaica is very affordable these days. You can score some great tickets and fly down to enjoy a relaxing honeymoon vacation, without emptying your wallet in the process.

London – While London has always had a reputation as an expensive travel destination that has changed recently, within the last year certainly. Now, you will not get super bargains, but if you want a reason to take your future spouse to London for an interesting honeymoon, then consider the current exchange rates.

Mexico – Perhaps, one of the countries to suffer the most from the economic woes plaguing the world, Mexico was dealt a second blow due to the swine flu outbreak. This has nearly destroyed the country’s travel industry. In light of that, you may easily find resort discounts as high as 70% off the regular prices. Better still, round-trip airfare can be purchased for under $300.

Thailand – This Asia country is heavily dependent on the revenues it brings in from foreign tourism. As a result of the drop in levels of global tourism, Thailand is bursting with excellent deals. It is all about providing incentive for local businesses to recover.