Consider a Home Exchange for Your Next Vacation

Mortgage CalculatorEverybody’s looking for ways to save money right now. And, to that end, many people have given up vacations altogether. But, there is one way that you can save thousands of dollars and still take a very nice vacation. Consider a home swap for your next vacation.

Home swapping is pretty simple. You simply find an area that you want to visit, and then find a family living there who would like to visit your area. You arrange the dates and swap homes. This method saves both of you lots of money on hotel bills and food too, since you can cook meals in the home you’re staying in.

Of course, finding a family to swap with sounds pretty difficult, doesn’t it? But, with the many vacation home swap websites out there, it’s really pretty easy. Of course, you’ll gain more interest if you live in an area that has some tourist attractions. However, many people who thought no one would want to exchange houses with them have found that they’ve actually had quite a bit of luck because of business travellers or people travelling for other reasons.

Those who have swapped houses for vacations also report that they’ve had no issues with theft or other problems while their house was being borrowed. Most families exchange several emails and take the time to get to know one another before they actually make the swap, so they feel like friends before they ever use each others’ houses.

Most families who have done a vacation home swap say they would definitely do it again. In addition to saving thousands of dollars, they report that staying in a home is so much more comfortable than a hotel or guest rental. And, because the “swap homes” are often located in family neighborhoods, guests are able to make friends and feel like a local during their vacation.

If you’re interested in swapping homes for vacation, you simply have to join up on one of the websites that carries ads for such swaps. There are several from which to choose; each charges a modest fee for membership. Some of the most popular include HomeExchange and HomeLink International. Both of these sites help protect your privacy and personal information, allowing emails between exchange parties to go through the website only.

A home exchange is a great way to visit an area in comfort and feel like a local for the length of your stay. It’s also a great way to save money on the vacation of a lifetime.