Four Uncommon Travel Destinations For Adventure

Hike in desertIf you’re an avid traveller, then you may search for the types of destinations that excite you or hold out the promise of some adventure. There are certainly places on earth where you would get plenty of adventure—perhaps more than you bargained for in the end. Still, there are some uncommon travel destinations where you can find some fun and adventure too. Below are just four locales you could choose.


Depending upon where you’re located, a trip to Morocco can be made fairly easily. It is place that offers the traveller a host of exciting opportunities to visit exotic imperial cities or wander amidst of the impressive sand dunes of the Sahara Desert. You can then move up and down the Moroccan coasts taking in the sight of the ancient fishing villages that dot the region. Finally, you can move inward to the Atlas Mountains where remote Berber villages move at a different pace than the rest of the world. Moroccan cities lure you with their vivid colours, delicious foods, and the shear buzz of voices from the throngs moving about in the city souks and medinas.


Now, certainly, for many the mention of Iran does not immediately invoke feelings of safety or stability. The nation’s media reputation is one that well noted. Iran is a nation of contradictions.  While it does embrace modern technologies and tourism, it remains bogged down by its controversial political positions. If you choose to visit Iran, be ready to be illuminated by the nation’s rich Islamic culture. Moreover, the architecture is outstanding. Not only the mosques but also the stepped hillside villages, and the badgirs (wind towers), and memorable buildings like the Zoroastrian Towers of Silence will fill you with wonderment. The best part if you want to take adventure here is the fact that the people are so warm and welcoming to travellers. You will end up revising your understanding of hospitality after encountering the Iranian people.


If you are really ready to take a trek off the beaten tourist track, then you could be ready for a journey to Mongolia. It is one of those places in the world that just echoes remote and unknown. The stark beauty of Mongolia’s endless steppes is something you shouldn’t miss. Still, others are attracted by the Gobi Desert or the unusual rock formations that cover the Zorgol Hairhan Mountains. Other natural wonders that you may venture to include the gorges of the Gurvansaikhan Mountains, the Flaming Cliffs, or the dense alpine forests of the Khan Khentii Protected Area.


Colombia is a vibrant and colourful country that is also an overlooked jewel of South America. If you want an adventure then you might consider Colombia. The ancient walled colonial city of Cartagena and the Villa de Leyva await you. You may also choose to explore the jungle-obscured coastlines situated in the nation’s Tayrona National Park. In there, you will be exposed to a diverse collection of plant life and animal species. If you want a little fun in the sun, then hit the beaches of the Caribbean. Other sights that make Colombia a worthwhile travel destination include the capital Bogota with its list of colourful marketplaces, museums, and energetic nightlife.

If you’re ready for adventure now, then get with it and choose on of these places on for size or look for one that appeals to your particular sensibilities.