If Your Honey’s a Rat – Take Him to France

istock_000003944543xsmallFrance is certainly the place we think of for romantic getaways. And now, there’s one more way that France caters to l’amour. If you’re looking for a truly unique getaway with your honey, and your honey happens to wish he/she were a rat, forget the Eiffel Tower and visit the Hamster Villa in Nantes, France.
That’s right; you can spend a cozy evening for two pretending you’re rodents. You can dress up in rodent costumes, snack on grain all night and sip water from a tube in a villa that is a giant replica of a hamster cage. And, of course, what rodent fantasy would be complete without a hamster wheel for two?
You’ll also find floor space for hamster dancing and when you’re exhausted from running on that wheel, you can retire to a bed that you can only access by crawling on all fours.
The odd guesthouse was the brainchild of Yann Falquerho, the 42-year-old scenographer who lets the property through his quirky urban gîte company. He and his interior designer business partner note that they set out simply to come up with something, “very funny”. “We wanted it to be eccentric and we decided that the funniest experience would be to become an animal,” he says. Now, why didn’t we think of that?
Whatever the intent, the villa has proven to be Hquite popular. The company has been inundated with reservations and with inquiries from the media. Most guests prefer to make it a one night experience, but the owners hope that once guests see how comfortable the space can be, they’ll consider it for longer stays. The villa includes a kitchen, shower and Wifi. (Cause you know you’re going to want to post pictures on Facebook.)
At any rate, the villa has proven popular enough that the rates will increase for the year 2010 from €99 to € 150. So, if you’re in serious need of a rodent experience, book now while rates are still low.
Fueled by their success, the owners are now considering a hamster property in the UK, and are also working on a guesthouse to make guests feel as though they’ve returned to the womb. “There will be lots of light and sound to make you feel as though you are in a uterus,” Falquerho says. And you thought the Louvre was exciting.