More Of The World’s Strangest Hotels

mutter turm roofThere are strange hotels all over the world. While you may not always think of your hotel as the main part of your vacation, maybe you should. With a strange hotel, where you stay can be just as exciting as what you do.

Hotel de Glace

The Hotel de Glace in Quebec, Canada is made entirely of ice. That’s right. This hotel’s distinction is that every year it is carved out of ice. This hotel has only 34 rooms and will be enjoying its tenth season of business from January to April in 2010.

This hotel’s wintry offerings include an ice wedding chapel and an ice café. In fact, there is even an ice bar that serves its drinks in glasses that are carved out of these ample amounts of ice. The rooms themselves are actually made of ice right down to the beds. Visitors who stay here rest in sleeping bags on these icy beds.

Each year constructing this icy attraction takes approximately 5 weeks and is crafted out of 500 tons of ice along with 15,000 tons of snow. This mammoth icy endeavor is definitely a strange hotel that’s worth checking out.

Malmaison Oxford Castle

The Malmaison Oxford Castle located in England is a historic structure that was put to use as a prison in the Victorian era. Now guests to this eccentric hotel can become prisoners of its two basement cells anytime they like. They can choose to do so to see what life in these old prisons might have been like or just for fun and a few snapshots of themselves as felons.

This opportunity is thanks to the Malmaison hotel chain. The hotel chain renovated the structure which as a hotel now has 94 luxurious rooms. A stay in this lavish environment may make you want them to lock the door and throw away the key.

Tea Factory

The Tea Factory in Sri Lanka is a remnant of the 1800s. A throwback to the colonial era, this structure that was once used for tea growing and packing purposes has been turned into a four star hotel with an environmentally friendly outlook. Its 57 rooms offer energy efficient lighting and other eco-friendly touches for the earth friendly traveller.

These strange hotels range from the modern to the historic. Whether you have a thing for ice, prison, or just for tea time, these hotels are sure to delight. These oddball hotels use their eccentricities to take the hotel experience to a new level.

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