Six Of The Best Swiss Ski Resorts

Young man skiingFor many travellers Switzerland is the epitome of skiing. It is place truly defined as ski country by the matchless Swiss Alps. Whether you are a novice or an expert, the winter months in this country offer both a chance to enjoy the best slopes in the world. Accordingly, a list of the top six Swiss ski resorts is in order if you desire the best accommodations. Read on to learn more.

1. Zermatt – Zermatt is considered by many to be Switzerland’s best ski resort. No matter what time of the year you venture there, you should be able to ski. You can take advantage of the Sunegga and Gornergrat regions during the winter months then head to Theodul Glacier for some other skiing opportunities during the warmer summer months. Zermatt has something for everyone, no matter his or her interests or skill levels. Other than skiing you could go skating on natural ice skating rinks or taken another outdoor activity like paragliding or climbing. Naturally, many will want to climb the Matterhorn. Zermatt is a car-free resort, something many visitors appreciate.

2. Verbier – Known as one of the more popular Swiss resorts in the Alps Verbier’s slopes often suffer from overcrowding at the top of the season. Spring conditions allow for many to enjoy the slopes better since the crowds are thinner. The courses are both interesting and challenging, and there are those that are suitable for beginners and advanced skiers alike. In fact, Verbier is known for its numerous ski-training locations in Verbier that cater to the interest of the beginning skier. Additionally, the resort boasts some superb hotels, dining, sporting activities. It truly is one of Switzerland’s top tourist attractions.

3. St. Moritz – If you want a location that has plenty of cultural appeal, the best lodgings, and sunshine almost year round, then St. Moritz is the place to go in Switzerland. It is perhaps one of the most famous ski resorts in the country. The area called Corviglia is a great spot where novice skiers can test out some easy slopes. Pontresina is loved by more advance skiers for its more challenging features.

4. Grindelwald – Nestled in the valley of Bernese Oberland, the Grindelwald comes in at number four. It is a resort actually situated in the heart of Switzerland. There are nearly 120 miles of ski slopes available. Those visiting the resort can choose from a variety of courses depending on their skill level. The majority may enjoy the Kleine Scheidegg. This location is distinct from other sites because one can only enter it by helicopter. For those who need a rest from the snow sports, Grindelwald has other activities to interest you. There are several great golf courses, adventure sports opportunities, and museums as well.

5. Saas-Fee – This resort located in southwest Switzerland, very close to Zermatt, is where the Dom, Switzerland’s highest peak, is located. It is a region that benefits from the natural glacial activity that creates perfect conditions for summer skiing in some cases. Hundreds flock to Saas-Fee to enjoy a little fun during the off-season.

6. Laax/Films/Falera – This area of Switzerland offers a number of summer sports. Guests can participate in annual skiing and snowboarding competitions held in the winter months. These three areas together comprise a vast skier’s paradise that stretches 130 square miles. Specifically, the Vorab Glacier and Crap Sogn Gion are big draws for cross-country skiers while Foppa and Nagens provide some downhill slopes that may be more suited to the beginner and intermediate skiers.

There are other great skiing resorts in Switzerland; this selection is just a mere sampling of what is out there to discover and enjoy.