The Best Destinations For Skinny Dipping

istock_000008237608xsmallWhat do you like to do on your vacations? Are you looking for a little adventure? A little excitement? Is skinny dipping your idea of freedom?

If this is the case then the destinations that follow are sure to be high on your list of where you will want to take your next vacation. Each one allows you to escape the pressures and the clothing of everyday life so that you can let go of everything and relax.

Formentara, Spain

This locale has it all. It boasts some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean and is entirely clothing optional both in and out of the water. These picturesque beaches are accompanied by a variety of trees and sand dunes, but these features are no match for the crystal waters.

You may enjoy swimming, snorkelling, or just skinny dipping. This piece of paradise is ideal for those wishing to shed some clothing along with their worries. The setting is all natural. You can be too.

Viti Lake, Askja Caldera, Iceland

Located in the Central Highlands, this lake was formed after a volcanic eruption caused the volcano’s caldera to collapse in on itself. When this collapsed area filled with water, a lake was born. It offers the pleasingly warmed geothermal waters that offer a comforting feel. This natural phenomenon is paired with another natural phenomenon. Clothing is entirely optional for visitors.

A Traditional Onsen In Japan

A traditional onsen in Japan is essentially a bathing house. These houses cater to both locals and tourists. These houses stem from a long standing tradition in Japan of hot spring bathing.

Japan is seated squarely on the Pacific Ring of Fire. This rampant volcanic activity makes this widespread hot spring tradition possible. These bathing houses are viewed as ways to shed the stress, and the clothing, of modern life.

These hot springs are the perfect vehicles for total relaxation, assuming you are comfortable with your own nudity. For those who prefer it, most onsen have single sex bathing among their offerings.

While skinny dipping may not be the ultimate goal of your vacation, if it is on your list of things to do then any one of these spots would be the perfect choice for you. You can leave a lot behind when you go on vacation. That’s half the fun of it. These are just some spots to consider if you want to spend some your vacation with your clothes left behind.

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