The Best National Parks For Fall Photography

istock_000009821401xsmallAside from warm apple cider, pumpkin carving, and homemade apple pies, one of the most memorable things about the Fall season is the vibrant beauty of colours that are splashed across the country. For some of the best places to take pictures of the magnificence of Fall visit these national parks. Oh yeah, and don’t forget your camera.

1. Located in Bar Harbor, Maine, Acadia National Park is the best place to be once the crowds of summer have died down, and the first hints of fall start to appear. This rugged part of the country is best photographed in mid-October as this is when the colours reach their peak. The brilliant sapphire and bronze colours are remarkable.

2. For temperatures that require only light outerwear, Badlands National Park, South Dakota is a great destination to capture the elegance of Fall on film. September offers visitors fair skies, pleasant temperatures, and a stunning tapestry of colour.

3. It starts with the aspens and cottonwoods, but soon spreads like wildfire. The foliage at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming is absolutely breathtaking. Enjoy a memorable outing that includes a rainbow of colours. Capture your adventure on film, and take a trip down memory lane years later. Peak colours at this park can be seen in late September.

4. The temperature may be a bit crisp, but the skies are blue and the foliage rocks at Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. The best time to photograph the foliage here is between October 10th and 25th. The colours are spectacular so bring lots of rolls of film.

5. Many would agree that the best time to photograph Mount Rainer National Park in Washington is during the summer months. They would also tell you that you’ll have to contend with the many tourists that make the area seem like you’re in a can of sardines. If you want to avoid the crowds, and still be able to get some terrific shots, the Fall is the best time of year to capture the waning wildflowers and autumn foliage on film.

6. This list wouldn’t be complete without including the beautiful and majestic Great Smokey Mountain National Park in North Carolina and Tennessee. This landscape turns into a torrent of colour that includes various of shades of yellow, scarlet, purple and bronze. Capture the mighty evergreens as they stand guard along the top of the mountain range, and the maples, oaks, beeches, hickories and other trees that make the lower slopes their home.