The Best Places To Experience All Yoga Has To Offer

Adult females in yoga class.Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise. It stretches the body, calms the mind, and slowly works its way into a person’s spirit. The popularity of yoga the world over has created new spins on this ancient form of exercise and you can travel the world seeing these new variations. Here are a few of the ways in which yoga is expressed and where you might go to experience these variations.

New York City

If you head to New York then look up an Unnatta Aerial Yoga class. This class is a new spin on the old favourite of yoga in that it combines the typical yoga experience with aerial acrobatics. A low hanging fabric trapeze is utilized in this form of yoga as you hang and complete this innovative yoga workout.

As long as you’re in New York City, check out Yoga Fight Club. While this may seem to be a contradiction in terms, many enjoy this new incarnation of the yoga experience. It joins cardiovascular workouts and strength training with yoga and the human instinct to fight.

Los Angeles

In Los Angeles you will find hip hop yoga. In a city that thrives on new workouts, hip hop yoga has been working to find a lasting place in the exercise scene. In any case, it is definitely a different kind of yoga.

Rio De Janeiro

Yogilates can be done in Rio de Janeiro or Madrid or in many other locales. A fusion of yoga and pilates, this form of yoga seeks to combine the ancient discipline of yoga with the exercise philosophies of Joseph Pilates. Variations on yogilates itself can be found all over. Many enjoy this particular combination because it focuses on body sculpting in a way that certain gentle forms of yoga lack.


Of course if you are looking to experience all that yoga has to offer then you have to consider experiencing yoga in its true form. While a westernized version has been available for some time, the experience of yoga that has held close to its original form and intent could be an adventure in itself.

Sometimes you are seeking to breathe new life into your workout or into your spiritual yoga practice. This is the ideal time to check out all that yoga has to offer. Everyone has a different experience with this ancient form of exercise and with a little travelling you could discover what this exercise that is thousands of years old still has to offer you.

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