The Happiest Places On Earth

Pretty young woman with arms raisedWho wouldn’t want to visit some of the happiest places on earth? When you are planning a vacation then you could go for attractions or just anywhere with sun and sand or you could choose a different way. You could go to the places where people are truly happy and bask in an environment that lends itself to the one thing you really need from your vacation. Pure happiness.


This South Pacific island made its way to the top spot in the New Economics Foundations Happy Planet Index. This rating scale goes by “the ecological efficiency with which human well-being is delivered”.

Vanuatu certainly looks like paradise. It has crystal clear blue waters and is overflowing with marine life. The land itself is a mix of verdant plant life and sandy beaches.

But the clincher may not be the idyllic setting at all. It may be that the island residents have an overpowering sense of community. Generations come together to live and to celebrate which helps to make this the happiest place on earth.


This well-known Canadian city is a place of acceptance. Its multicultural nature only feeds into its openness to visitors. In the summer, it is home to Just for Laughs, one of the largest comedic gatherings in the world. This event plays host to some of the greatest English and French speaking comics around.

If you do not arrive in Montreal at the right time of year to attend then don’t fret. You can make your way to the Latin Quarter portion of the city to check out a combination of street performers, prancing puppets, and displays of fireworks anytime you wish.


You might think that Happy, Texas owes its place on the list to its name but nothing could be further from the truth. Calling itself the “town without a frown”, Happy may sound like the best off of the seven dwarfs but is the perfect place from which to explore some of the best that Texas has to offer. You could take a trip to Palo Duro Canyon or you could take in the Amarillo Livestock Auction. This and much more await you when you stay in Happy, Texas.

The happiest places on earth gained this status for a reason. You could head to the latest tourist hot spots and take your chances or you could go right for the spots that are known for unabashed happiness. For your next vacation, choose a destination that is teeming with happiness even before you arrive.

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