Three of the Worst Vacations You Could Take

istock_000003045505xsmallMost of us look for a vacation experience that’s memorable. But we mean that in a good way. These next vacations will be memorable for sure – but in just the opposite way. You won’t believe that people actually pay to visit these places.
1. The Sewers of Paris – I suppose when you’re on your, say, 955th visit to the city of love, you might want to pass up the Louvre or the Arc de Triomphe to take in the sewers. The tour will take you through 500 yards of actual Paris sewer lines. You’ll get the chance to see tools and equipment workers use as well as a brief history lesson on the past, present and future of the Paris Poop Management System. You can even see which sewer lines hook to which hotels and apartment buildings in case you’re curious about which poop running through the sewer lines might actually be yours. This exciting tour will cost you about $3 per day, or about $3 too much, I should say.
2. An Illegal Border Crossing Experience – After you’ve had a few too many margaritas in Mexico, why not try to outsmart a border guard? This experience is actually a simulation, since you’ll be crossing an imaginary border and trying to outsmart imaginary border guards. But, hey, it’s still an evening spent hiding in the bushes and running through the dark with a big guy yelling and pointing a gun at you, so what’s not to love? This experience muy bueno will set you back about $18.
3. Take a Crossword Puzzle Cruise – Cruises are supposed to be relaxing, right? Well, in case you’re the type of person who has trouble relaxing, how about we put you completely to sleep by adding a week’s worth of crossword puzzles to your vacation. Once a year, Stan Newman, editor of the Newsday Crossword Puzzle hosts the Crossword University Cruise for all crossword puzzle enthusiasts. Who imagined that the pastime that gets you through your commute on the train could actually be turned into a week’s vacation – and for only $1600 per person! I could buy a lot of crossword puzzle books for that.
While everyone has their worst vacation experience story to tell, I’m certain that the people who have gone on these particular vacations have stories to beat us all. Because even if it goes incredibly well….. well, you get my drift.