Top 2010 Spring Break Destinations

istock_000009925501xsmall1Though it may seem like a long ways off, spring break will be here before you know it. For the high school or college student, this is a fun filled vacation to look forward to. Therefore you want to be sure to plan this most beloved vacation well in advance, and be sure to get in on the best destination possible. So it’s important to keep up with the trend and ensure that you make your travel plans to one of the hot spots, particularly before they get booked up. If you’re looking to hit one of the hot spots for spring break in 2010, it can be quite helpful to know what makes the list. Some of these hot spots have been on the list for years and some are a bit newer. They are all sure to offer fun, sun, and the most memorable spring break possible.
1. South Padre: This is an excellent spring break destination because in many instances it’s not that far away. You can find a reasonable deal to get to South Padre, and it’s the epitome of what spring break is all about. You can find rows of hotels, restaurants, and bars all catered to offering up spring break activities. You can get lost in the long stretch of beaches that promise days of sunshine and sand.
2. Costa Rica: This is newer to the list, but has good reasons for its spot. This tropical destination is the perfect spot for a tropical getaway. For those that want to soak in the sun and party all night, this is a great option. It may be a bit more laid back than some of the other destinations, but that adds to the appeal for some travellers. Visiting Costa Rica can ensure a perfect spring break and a lifetime of memories.
3. Cancun: Though many spots within Mexico are quite popular amongst the spring break crowd, none proves to be quite as popular year after year as Cancun. What’s so nice about this hot spot is that it offers great beaches for some sun soaking during the day, but has some excellent clubs and restaurants to make up an amazing nightlife. Not only that, but you can you find some great deals to get you a real value.
4. Florida Keys: This has been made popular in recent years because of the true partying atmosphere offered up here. There’s so much to see, so much to do, and yet it’s so close to home. So it’s no wonder that this proves to be a hot spot for spring breakers each and every year. As it continues to gain in popularity, there is more and more to do and see.