Top 5 Family Ski Resorts

istock_000005651628xsmallWinter is upon us, and that means that more and more people want to hit the slopes. With the fresh snow falling and the temperatures dropping, that means that skiers and snowboarders are itching to get out on the ski hills. This becomes an especially popular way to spend a long weekend with the holidays upon us as well. Though the cold wind may blow, the number of winter sports and activities continues to grow and become more popular. So as you decide upon the very best travel destinations for your family, you may want to focus in on the best ski resorts. Though there are many to choose from, these rank as the top five that are popular and versatile.
1. Big White, British Columbia: This is a nice getaway and even manages to take you out of the country a bit. Traveling up to British Columbia you find this massive ski resort with the approach and hospitality of a quaint facility. This tends to be one of the more affordable ski resorts out there, and has a major focus on kids making it quite family friendly. That may be why it ranks on this list and continues to be popular each and every ski season.
2. Park City, Utah: The Park City Mountain Resort in Utah has a special place with skiers because it was the site of the 2002 Olympics. There’s something thrilling about skiing down the very same slopes that the Olympic athletes did, and that appeals to many families. There is a great concentration on kids at this resort with a full offering of activities to appeal to them. This isn’t too far for many people, and yet offers a great deal of family fun entertainment.
3. Snowmass, Colorado: Though there are so many different ski resorts in Colorado, this ranks at the top amongst the family crowd. Perhaps it’s because it’s the biggest of the mountains in Aspen alone, or maybe it’s because there is a great offering of hills catered to beginners and intermediate alike. Not only is there plenty for the kids and adults to enjoy on the ski slopes, but there’s plenty of action off the hills as well.
4. Stowe Mountain Resort, Vermont: The backdrop of a 200 year old village indicates that this resort is something special. There is some wonderful skiing to be had here, and yet there is something for every skill and age group. The hills are great and this is a resort that has been host to many family memories, as it is truly something special.
5. Tremblant, Quebec: Not only are the hills spectacular here, but there are some amazing activities off the hills as well. Families can spend their days on the slopes and hit a new trail every day. They may also enjoy the old village set up at the bottom that boasts a number of activities and a lot of fun for everyone.