Vacation Destinations That No One Ever Thinks Of

Whats that up there?When people go on vacation, they often have a rather limited imagination. They go to the popular travel spots or head out to visit family but most never look to discover locales that are relatively untouched by tourism. Instead of running off to the destinations anyone could think of, try visiting some of the ones from the list below. You will have experiences that will be totally unique.


What is there to do in Dubai? Have you thought about skiing? Ski Dubai is home to an indoor ski slope that actually makes skiing in the United Arab Emigrates a possibility.

Among the biggest in the world, this indoor ski slope has it all. Among its offerings are the obligatory chair lift and a black diamond run. You may never have thought of Dubai as being one of your options for a skiing vacation but now you know better.


In the midst of the Cold War, Albania’s president erected 700,000 steel bunkers around the country so that they would be prepared in the case of an invasion. These bunkers have become co-opted by businesses for their storefronts and by individuals wishing to build homes in them. You too can travel to Albania to witness the abundance of steel structures and, if you are lucky, you might even get the chance to stay in one.


If you head to Miyazaki, Japan then you can take advantage of a wonderful oddity. This city plays host to the only indoor beach that you will find anywhere in Japan. Because this indoor beach has a controlled indoor environment, the temperature is always just right and the waters are pristine.

So what makes up the beach of this indoor spectacle? It is made of polished marble, of course. Even the waves are timed to the right specifications to give any beachgoer the best possible beach experience. The beach and even the waves are so well-controlled that this facility offers surfing competitions.

This just shows that the similarity to an outdoor environment is astounding. There is a difference though. This environment is manmade so you don’t need to worry about anything being too out of control.

These vacation destinations that no one ever thinks of are definitely worth considering. Once you start doing your research you will find attractions that you never expected to find in the oddest of places or sometimes that you never expected to find anywhere. But once you stumble on them you will be glad you found them.