Weird Hotels of the World

service pleaseMost of us look for comfort and a few amenities when we’re hotel shopping. But there are a few travellers out there who consistently want to find something memorable and unique about every hotel they visit (and I’m not talking about a memorable massage at the spa). If you’re one of those travellers, then these hotels might help you to choose your next destination.

1) Sweden’s Ice Hotel – This hotel is located near the Arctic Circle and is, you guessed it, made entirely from ice. Rather than choose from “king” or “double”, you make choices like “warm” or “cold” when you pick your room. Cold rooms get down to about 5 degrees at night and your bed is actually a block of ice. However, from this hotel, you can take a snowmobile tour in search of the Northern Lights, and you can dogsled across the frozen Torne River.
2) The White Cliffs Hotel in New South Wales – Located in the Outback, this underground hotel was carved out as an opal mine. It has beautiful (though bumpy) white walls and a good host of amenities. Plus, you get a free tour of the mine with every stay.
3) The Cappadocia Caves Suites – Located in Turkey, these hotel rooms were carved out as places to worship during the Hittite, Byzantine and Roman days. But don’t let the word caves fool you, these rooms are completely up to modern standards. (If you’re planning a trip to Turkey, keep your eyes open for the underwater hotel, slated to open in Istanbul in 2010.)
4) Three Camel Lodge – Mongolia – This hotel in the Gobi Desert offers ger accommodations. In case you’re not familiar with a ger, it’s a traditional felt tent used by nomadic herders. The gers at the Three Camel Lodge offer king sized beds and private baths. There is a central lodge built in the style of a Mongolian Temple that offers a place for guests to socialize. There’s also the Bugatai Restaurant and the Thirsty Camel Bar, as well as a spa, onsite.
Of course, there are many more strange hotels in the world, and many more to come. If you’re ready for a vacation that takes you off the beaten path, so to speak, one of these hotels is a great start. Though when your accommodations are so unique, it’s hard to top them with actual vacation experiences!