Weird Texas Attractions

istock_000000783355xsmallAs if there weren’t enough to do in Texas, here is a list of some weird Texas attractions. Maybe you have already seen all the typical Texas attractions or maybe you would just like to see something different. Whatever your reason, these weird Texas attractions will help you to see a whole new side of Texas.

The Orange Show

The Orange Show, located in Houston, has a reason for its existence that is almost as interesting as the attraction itself. The Orange Show is 3000 square feet of concrete, brick, and steel as well as wagon wheels, tractor seats, and mannequins. This large attraction also features a wishing well, a stage, a pond, a museum, and a gift shop.

So what is the reason for this attraction’s existence? The Orange Show was made to showcase the benefits of oranges in a healthy diet and its creator’s theories on achieving a long and healthy life.

Congress Avenue Bridge

This attraction is not about the bridge. It’s about what’s under the bridge. The biggest urban bat colony anywhere in North America can be found under the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin.

It is guessed that 1.5 million bats make up this colony which makes their evening flight quite the spectacle. They come out at dusk each night to look for food which is when you can watch them all take flight. They can typically be seen from sometime in March to November.

The Cadillac Ranch

The Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo is the site of a collection of 10 used Cadillacs. An art collective out of San Francisco called Marsh and The Ant Farm placed these ten Cadillacs nose down partially buried in the ground. They are covered with graffiti but this is encouraged. Visitors are welcome to come by any time and even to add to the graffiti. Back in 2005, the cars were painted completely pink to support breast cancer awareness.

The Eiffel Tower

No, this isn’t in the wrong list. There’s an Eiffel Tower in Paris, Texas too. The Boiler Makers Union Local #902 erected this monument in 1995. This version of the Eiffel Tower is 65 feet tall and sports a red steel Stetson cowboy hat that is 10 feet wide and 4.5 feet tall.

These weird Texas attractions take you off the beaten path. If you are looking for something new to see in Texas then check out these sites. They aren’t your typical attractions but could be just the right stops to make your next trip something special.