Supersize Your Travel Arrangements with A Combo

Going Mainstream with Combo Deals

In the case of some hotel and airfare combinations the only ones that usually advertise special combo deals are the large, more mainstream agencies. This does not mean that they are the only ones capable of offering such a price. There are small agencies that may have good combo deals, but many of the large resorts and hotel chains work with large travel agencies to get the most exposure.

Doing your own research is an integral part of seeking out the best deal.

Using big travel agencies to book your flight and lodging can be a good idea because of the sheer volume they handle. This is usually a pretty safe bet in terms of finding the best prices. It is especially good to browse several large agencies or websites to get an idea about what other kinds of deals are out there.
But on some occasions there are a number of fees associated with utilizing large companies. The potential of getting stuck with hidden fees means that using a large company to book your travel plan isn’t always the cheapest bet.

Flex Your Dates for Savings

The more you book, as in the more days you stay at a hotel, the more you save. Hotels want your business and sometimes offer discounted weekly rates. It’s important to inquire about what percentage of savings you can achieve by staying longer or changing the days of stay. This is particularly useful should you want to stay for an extended period of time.

Most contemporary hotel websites are easy to navigate. They almost all have the rates available for you to see. If you pick out a few days for travel months in advance and check the rates compared to this coming up weekend you may find a big discrepancy in the prices. Everyone is always saying that it is cheaper to book things in advance, but what some people don’t realize is just how much they could potentially be saving even if it’s a last minute reservation.

You save money by booking a hotel alongside your flight. You also save big by booking with advance notice. So, if you combine the two then you will have considerably more money left over to spend on other attractions and at restaurants. Just don’t forget to shop around, flex your dates and watch for advertised specials.