Tips to Get an Upgraded Hotel Room at Check-In

If you’ve ever wondered about getting an upgraded hotel room for yourself, but were too scared to ask, then chances are you’ve never stayed in an upgraded room.

Though it may not always be possible to get an upgrade in accommodations, it is certainly never a bad idea to inquire about them. The worse scenario is that the hotel will decline your request for an upgrade. Sure, on some occasions you won’t always be able to get a free upgrade, but it is even possible to sometimes get one at a discounted price.

Timing is Key

If you check in too late in the day there is a good chance that there won’t be anyone available with the authority to give you an upgrade. Some hotel managers work typical daytime business hours. But if you come in too early the hotel may feel as though they’re still able to book any available rooms and may decline your offer.

If you check in well after their posted check in time you may find that they have open rooms they’re willing to set you up with and on some occasions you can get the room free for the first night if you are staying the next night also. Knowing all this it’s clear that it is very important to try and catch the hotel staff at the perfect time.

Don’t Be Shy!

If you’re worried about the opinion of the clerk at the front desk you shouldn’t be. They’re not going to take offense if you ask about getting your room upgraded. Depending on the hotel and the types of accommodations they offer they’ve likely been asked this many times before. So, it is not going to shock or appall them if you ask about getting a room upgrade.

In some cases they may have to consult a manager. You should be sure that they know you are not trying to be rude, but that you are trying to make a serious inquiry. How friendly you are may help influence the manager’s decision.

In some cases the hotel staff may say still say “no.” This, however, is not the end of the world, and if you travel with any regularity you can help hone your technique by practicing your skills at getting a room change. In today’s economy it is much likelier that your request for a room upgrade will be honored. Many of the hotels have not been fully booked for the past year. This has made them more willing to negotiate with customers. That can work in your favour if you make the request in the right way.