Find the Best Hostels in El Salvador

best hostels in El SalvadorIf you are Canadian and planning to take a relaxing trip overseas, then El Salvador may just be the place for you. The beautiful South American country has a lot to offer you by way of tourist attractions, good food and comfortable affordable accommodation. El Salvador is home to some of the best hostels that you will be happy to stay at again and again. Of course the hostel you choose will depend in large part on the activities and atmosphere you wish to engage in during your stay in El Salvador.


El Gringo Restaurant and Hostel (El Gringo Restaurant y Hostel)

The El Gringo Restaurant and Hostel is one of the best hostels in El Salvador for the artsy individual. Located in Suchitoto El Salvador, El Gringo is one of the newest kids on the block in this part of town. It is a restaurant, art gallery hostel and tour company all rolled into one that is best known for it’s affordable accommodation, fine dining, and artsy atmosphere.

The rooms at the El Gringo are small and quaint and the level of customer service very high. Should you decide to not stay at the Gringo, they will go as far as to point you to other places of accommodation within the town.

There are several amenities are available at El Gringo Restaurant and Hostel. Some of them include:

  • wi-fi access
  • a common area with cable television
  • an optional laundry service (that will cost only a few extra bucks)
  • a small kitchenette available for those guests who may wish to do their own cooking.
  • available tours

JoAn’s Hostel

Describing itself as a homely, clean and comfortable hostel, JoAn’s Hostel is located in the heart of bustling town. There are nearby shops and shopping malls for grocery and other items, banks, restaurants and cafe. All of these are located a short walk away from the hostel and should one desire to venture out of the general vicinity, the bus system is easily accessible and reliable.

Some of the amenities include:

  • rooms with screen (to keep out mosquitoes) and fans
  • wi-fi access throughout the property
  • patio for barbecuing
  • a kitchen for cooking
  • cable TV
  • hot and cold water.

JoAn’s also provides visitors with information on available tours that they can enjoy while getting to know the town. Those who have stayed at JoAn’s have all given it high marks for it high quality accommodation and customer service.


Making the Trip

As with a trip to any overseas territory, it is important to plan carefully what it is you will be doing, when and how. The forum is a useful resource for helping you find such information, as well as information regarding visa applications. Having this sort of information at your fingertips is sure to help your trip go over smoothly.