The Best Hostels in Dubrovnik for Travelling Canadians

Croatia is once again a popular tourist destination. The city of Dubrovnik is an obvious draw with its sunny beaches, views of the Adriatic Sea, and historic sites including their famous walls. Tourists say it has been popular throughout history; a beautiful location featuring sand and forest, museums and monasteries. So, where would you stay in Dubrovnik if you were a Canadian traveling on a budget? How would you get there safely? Would it be best to save your money and stay in a hostel close to the ferry and near public transport?

Selecting the Best Hostels in Dubrovnik

You can certainly find some great deals on Dubrovnik hostels. Plenty of them offer private rooms at cheap prices. This means a couple or a family could stay together feeling safe and enjoying some quiet, rather than listening to strangers snore or keeping one eye open for thievery. Maintaining security is easier when one is able to lock the bedroom door.


With lockers on the premises of many hostels (or luggage storage available), it is also possible to keep the most important things like a passport and money away from prying hands. A lot of hostels place emphasis on security, knowing this is one of the chief concerns tourists have when staying in cheap accommodation.


The price range of hostels in Dubrovnik is fairly inclusive. Although you could be paying $40 Canadian for a room each night, you might also find a suitable room for less than $15. Rates are based on the time of year and the type of room.

Quickly glancing at a website showcasing the best hostels in Dubrovnik shows:

• Prices
• User reviews
• Types of rooms available
• A short description of each facility

Just read a bit more and you discover what the ratings are based on. Reviewers keep these points in mind:

• How clean (or dirty) their rooms and other onsite facilities were
• Whether the staff was friendly and helpful or not
• If they believed they paid more than their room was worth
• How atmospheric a place was


While there is plenty to see and do beyond the walls of your accommodation, some visitors want their cultural enrichment to never end. They hope to stay in accommodation which reflects something of the local culture.

Traveling Prepared

You can find information about hostels and other vacation necessities on This is a site for travellers from Canada where they can book a place to stay, and even flights to and from their destination.

By using this site, they also gain access to insider information about what it is like to live in or tour Dubrovnik and other foreign cities. Visit our forums and find out if any problems are likely to be in store and what sites you absolutely have to see.