The Best Hostels in Hyderabad for Travelling Canadians

Hyperabad is a unique and exciting place for Canadian travellers, and if you’re staying there you’ll want to be comfortable. We will point you in the right direction to find the best hostels in Hyderabad when you are visiting south-central India and hope to stay within a limited budget.

Basic Points to Consider

Hostels can be a gamble for Canadian travellers, especially travellers who are not wary of local hygiene issues. People who have never tried staying in hostels will often avoid them for the simple reason that they believe all hostels are unhygienic, or that security is poor.


They expect to sleep in uncomfortable, sagging bunks that smell bad, surrounded by equally smelly international tourists who might or might not steal their wallets as they sleep (or worse).

Lots of hostels are unsafe, but there are also loads which are safe and clean. Parents would feel comfortable bringing their children. Single women report that they felt safe. By browsing the details and ratings of establishments listed online, you will find out if they are generally:

  • Clean
  • Secure
  • Friendly
  • Conveniently located

More Ways to Decide

Since you are a Canadian travelling in India, you probably want to be exposed to Indian culture, not transplanted North American ideals. Food and decor (if there is food served onsite) from the Hyderabad region is a sensory experience unlike anything the average Canadian would find in Winnipeg or St. John’s. Look for:

  • Character
  • Atmosphere
  • Unique qualities

If there is anything extra special about a facility, then we hope people posting on will make a note of it.

Finding the Best Hostels in Hyderabad

Past visitors to any location around the world are conscientious about telling other travellers about their experiences. They rate hostels using stars or a percentage, so if you find that an establishment gets 70% or more or a rating of 3 to 5 stars, it is probably a decent place to stay. Find out how the rating was established, though, to figure out if it will satisfy your values. These rankings are broken down as per the notes listed above.

Therefore, an average is reached based on every element rated as well as all the scores given by visitors. The more people who have visited and posted their scores, the more reliable the ratings are.


You will find certain hostels given a 5-star rating, but only 2 people stayed there. Other centers have been given high ratings in almost every area by numerous individuals (over 100) but they fell short of the 90 to 100% rate because of a few bad reviews or because the place did not have a lot of character, though it was safe and clean.

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