The Best Hostels in Israel for Travelling Canadians

best hostels in IsraelIsrael is a popular destination for tourists and people visiting their families. There is plenty to see because of its rich history. So, where would you stay in Israel if you were a Canadian traveling on a budget? How do you make sure your travel plans go smoothly without any border, accommodation, or other problems? Read on for our guide of where (and how) to stay in Israel.


Hostels in Israel

You will notice that some buildings are fairly old. By western standards, a structure built in 1919 is an antique. In Israel this is not the case, of course. Still, when you see that a structure was built fairly recently, there is a good chance an elevator or wheelchair accessibility was thought of and installed from the start. When a building is 50 to 100 years old, check out the details to be sure.

Ratings for Israeli Hostels

The best hostels in Israel are easily discovered just by looking at ratings. Pay attention: some percentages have been arrived at by averaging over 200 votes. Several come from just a few customers, making them less reliable.

Rankings are based on:

• Cleanliness
• Atmosphere
• Location
• Staff
• Security and a few other factors

Consumers also see a list of amenities offered on site such as:

• Free breakfast
• Internet access
• Currency exchange
• Free towels
• An onsite eatery or cafe

Character Traits

You probably came to Israel to witness the distinct culture, meet the people, and see some historical locations. Your accommodation could be a place filled with character, such as a former home decorated in a traditional style. It might be modern, lacking historic character or even a view of something old and interesting. Such details are also available by browsing a list of hostels.

Special Features

Several hostels attract a particular type of client. If their name does not indicate what this group would be (backpackers, youth), then a short description should give some idea. For example, one location is famed for one big yearly party and smaller ones hosted on a regular basis. You could be looking, instead, for a place that would feel like home for a small family.


The following map will give you an idea of how far each hostel is from every other hostel and where you will be relative to other nearby countries such as Jordan.

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In spite of its small size, Israeli hostels are situated in several towns outside of Tel Aviv. Select one from a drop box just to get a feel for what there is outside of the city. Visitors come to see archaeological artifacts, follow ancient Biblical trails, and spread out on the beach. Canuck Abroad also has posts shared by users including Canadians who have already had adventures in Israel, staying in lots of hostels throughout the small country.