The Best Hostels in Jakarta for Travelling Canadians

best hostels in JakartaAre you taking a vacation to Jakarta, or do you have something more permanent in mind? Do you think you could relocate here or have a feeling you will be transferred sometime in the near future? In any case, staying in hostels keeps the price of accommodation to a low figure leaving more financial room for Canadians to explore the country.

The Best Hostels in Jakarta

A lot of people would admit that the bottom line for them when it comes to choosing a hostel is the price. They could care less what it looks like. As long as they do not have to travel miles to the nearest town, they are happy to stay somewhere cheap and clean.

Lots of Canadians, however, feel very differently. They have expectations. They are looking for:

  • A place that feels safe
  • A convenient location
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Onsite eating place
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Character

More Details

A few guests will want even more, like a swimming pool or a private room. A hostel will provide dorm rooms (shared), private rooms or both. Certain buildings are large, accommodating over 40 guests and accepting families. A location might also develop a reputation as somewhere young single Canadians and other foreign nationals like to hang out.

Using the forums, you might discover spots which attract a lot of Canadians. It might be that a facility has a reputation among women as a safe place to stay, even when traveling alone. Also, be sure to make any transition smooth and easy and avoid immigration holdups.

As for character, this is frequently determined by the type of building (old, new), staff (locals, foreigners), and location (urban central, urban margins).
Information about the country itself will also be listed with some advice for travellers from Canada. You might not be prepared for the temperature, bugs, or types of food you will encounter. Learn as much as you can before your arrival.


Many hostels around the world, even some of the best hostels in Jakarta, are run by people from other countries and they infuse cultural qualities from their native lands into their adopted home. Seeing how these and local culture blend is fascinating.

Online Images

You can tell a lot from a picture. Several images are posted on showing the interiors and exteriors of countless hostels throughout Jakarta. In spite of a low price, you could be getting facilities that rival any swanky hotel.


A great advantage of using to make your search of Jakarta hostels is that all of the information or links to information are posted right here. You can find a place to stay, a flight, and book everything. Be sure to let us know how your trip goes as well!