The Best Hostels in Korea for Travelling Canadians

best hostels in KoreaAre you scouting around for the best place to take a holiday? Do you have somewhere in mind already, such as Korea? Read on to learn about where the very best hostels are located and how to find the right one. Once you decide you can even book flights, get information about immigration (visas you might need to travel, study, or work in the country, etc), and learn anything else that could be useful to you for your trip!

What Is “the best” for You?

Everyone’s idea of the best hostels in Korea is going to be a little bit different. It all depends on where you plan to stay, why you are visiting the country, special needs, and whom you travel with. Families are on the lookout for secure, family friendly hostels. Single ladies like to feel safe too. Some youngsters are on the search for a party.


Plenty of visitors are keen to keep costs low but also to be in the midst of everything that makes a city unique. This limits their traveling costs (taxis and public transport). If they have use of a kitchen at the hostel, they can also eat for less and at their own pace.

Select a City

First of all, choose a city where you would like to stay. The best way to make your choice is to do some research about what the area has to offer such as cultural attractions, outdoor amenities, markets, or restaurants. Cities to choose from include:

• Haenam
• Suncheon
• Jeonju
• Seoul

The View from Your Room

Think also about the kind of view you want to wake up to each morning, or for one leg of your journey. Do you wish to have a view of the sea? Haenam could have what you are looking for. Seoul might be too crowded for many Canadians, but the city has a chance of offering up some of the best hostels in Korea owing to the sheer number of facilities Seoul contains. Moreover, though your view might be urban, some of that urbanity includes South Korean history.

Incheon is close to the airport, making it a convenient place to stop immediately following the long flight in from Canada. You will see and hear airplanes flying overhead, but chances are you will be too tired to take any notice.

Extra Features

Even though a hostel is cheap compared to a hotel, several hostels provide their guests with amenities they would expect from more expensive accommodation. The only different might be that guests have to share.

These amenities include:

• A kitchen
• Cable TV
• Showers
• Laundry machines


Other features that make a stay in Korea comfortable are air conditioning and a restaurant on the premises. If you do not speak Korean, find out if staff speaks English.