Tips for Relocating to Sydney

relocate to sydneyYou have made the decision, and are getting ready to make the big move to Sydney Australia. Employment negotiations are progressing well, and you are starting to explore what you have to do to settle your family into a new lifestyle. The kids are excited and are even practicing new slang on their friends.  Hearing them say “ta” as thanks for a trip to the local Mackers (McDonalds) brings a smile.

Tips for Relocating to Sydney

Be sure to review immigration requirements to the country. Permanent relocation to Australia usually involves one of three approaches:

  • Skilled migration, where the person applying must have special abilities or skills that contribute to the economy of the country
  • A family migration, with a family member already in the country acting as sponsor
  • Refugee, humanitarian and special assistance status

Each approach has very strict requirements that must be met.

Finding a Place to Live

Sydney is a coastal city nestled against the Blue Mountain range, with many enchanting coves and bays. Because it is not a planned city, commuting times are often long. Keep in mind, too, that styles of housing in Sydney are different. For example, houses typically have neither heating nor air conditioning. Finding the right place to live might be a challenge.

Most expatriates in Sydney rent rather than purchase, because of high taxes generally, and the restrictions on the purchase of real estate in Australia by non-permanent residents. In the highly competitive Sydney rental market, be prepared for very high prices, and the need to make a decision quickly.

Where Most Canadians Live

  • Those with families looking for good schools consider the Eastern Suburbs; many of the water view houses are expensive but there are smaller terrace houses and apartment blocks available
  • The Upper North Shore offers family homes with large lots and many parks
  • The Lower North Shore offers many so-called Federation homes, built in the 1920s
  • The inner urban and Western suburbs often find favour with younger professionals

Each area has its own charm, from the smell of the surf and jasmine flowers, to gourmet dining.

What to do Upon Arrival

There are a number of other tasks to complete when you arrive:

  • Arrange for a bank account
  • Register with Medicare
  • Obtain a tax file number
  • Register the children in school
  • Obtain a local drivers license

Careful planning and up-front research will eliminate surprises, and allow you and your family to fully enjoy this new experience. Moving can be extremely stressful especially if you do not have the required information. That is where we at Canuck Abroad come in handy. We have a wealth of resources that will make your relocation to Sydney as smooth as possible.