Women Travellers

Travelling with Children

Traveling with Children When travelling by air with an infant, carry a bottle or pacifier for the baby to suck on during takeoff and landing. This helps to equalize ear pressure and keeps the baby more comfortable. If you're breast-feeding, take your cues from local women, since cultural practices vary from country to country. However, when in ... Read more Travelling with Children

Travel Light, Travel Smart

Travel Light, Travel Smart Depending on your style of travel, a small suitcase on wheels or a backpack is a good luggage choice. Try to make sure you have at least one hand free at all times. A few days before your departure, you might want to try some test walks. Pack your bag and make your ... Read more Travel Light, Travel Smart

Security while Traveling

Extra Security Makes Sense You can use a cotton money belt that you wear around your waist or a cotton pouch that hangs around your neck and is concealed by loose-fitting clothes. Another excellent option is a security half-slip worn under a skirt or dress. Hidden under the hem are three zippered compartments perfect for holding ... Read more Security while Traveling

Air Travel Advice for Women

Air Travel Remember that, when you're flying, your body has to adapt to changes in cabin pressure, the air you're breathing and different time zones. Traveling in comfortable, casual clothes that don't restrict body movement is a good idea. Also remember that your feet are bound to swell. Avoid travelling in pull-on boots; shoes with laces make ... Read more Air Travel Advice for Women

Accommodation for Female Travellers

Whether the accommodation is a hotel, a B&B or a hostel, always ask to see the room before you take it. Is it clean enough? Does the door lock properly? Does it feel safe? Trust your intuition. Don't stay anywhere unless you feel entirely comfortable with both the accommodation and its location. Never accept a room ... Read more Accommodation for Female Travellers

Networking for Female Travelers

Networking As soon as you begin your journey, start plugging into the female network. Finding a good source may lead you to many others. Local women are usually as pleased to meet you as you are to meet them. Carry referrals from women back home. Take advantage of the contacts they made when they travelled. In larger cities, ... Read more Networking for Female Travelers

Clothing for Female Travellers

Dress Sense If you travel into developing countries and male-dominated societies, make every effort to dress modestly. In some places, customs based on religious and moral beliefs strongly influence the way the women dress. For you to blatantly break these rules would be considered irreverent and might put you in jeopardy. Why not adapt your clothing ... Read more Clothing for Female Travellers

Sexual Harassement while Traveling

Avoiding Harassment Avoid wearing provocative, form-fitting clothing. A woman alone may be considered fair game. Understand this and prepare yourself mentally for any propositions, suggestive comments or catcalls. Then simply ignore them. In some male-dominated cultures, it's considered incorrect for a woman to travel solo. For these and other potentially challenging destinations, you might want to team ... Read more Sexual Harassement while Traveling

Traveling After Dark

Alone After Sundown Since it's always interesting to experience the sights and rhythms of a place after dark, consider joining a sightseeing group. Check with the local tourism centre for any appropriate tours or cultural events that are available. Make sure that the tour bus picks you up and drops you off at your hotel or ... Read more Traveling After Dark

Staying in Touch while Travelling

Maintaining Connections You should maintain contact with at least one person back home, especially if you're travelling solo. By letter, fax, e-mail or telephone, let that person know where you are and where you're heading next. Of course these days you can always keep people updated on sites like Facebook and Twitter too! Off travelling for the day? ... Read more Staying in Touch while Travelling

Health Concerns for Women Travellers

Staying Healthy Not all travel books deal with uniquely female health needs. You can augment what you read with the experienced advice of other women travellers. It's a good idea to carry your doctor's phone and fax numbers as well as copies of prescriptions for medication you might require along the way. You won't always be ... Read more Health Concerns for Women Travellers

Coping with Foreign Bathrooms

Coping with Foreign Bathrooms Some toilets will flush, but many won't. In developing countries, some cubicles are enclosed. However, as you venture further into the countryside, you might have to make do with little or no privacy. To cope with the vagaries of foreign bathrooms, consider wearing a long, full skirt. This will allow for some modesty ... Read more Coping with Foreign Bathrooms

Traveling while Pregnant

The Pregnant Traveler Try to have at least your first prenatal checkup before you travel. Check your travel insurance policy carefully to make sure that you'll be covered for all eventualities. Most policies don't automatically cover pregnancy-related conditions or nursery care for premature infants. Most, but not all, vaccines are considered safe during pregnancy. Once your pregnancy is ... Read more Traveling while Pregnant

International Adoptions

International Adoptions Provincial and territorial authorities in Canada are responsible for authorizing international adoptions. If you're thinking of adopting a child from another country, you must first obtain information about the adoption regulations of the province or territory in which the child will reside. While adoption is a provincial/territorial responsibility, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is ... Read more International Adoptions

Traveling for Senior Women

The Older Traveler Check your library for the many travel books written especially for the older adult. They contain valuable information about obtaining discounts, avoiding single supplements, educational holidays and the many group travel opportunities available for those of mature age. Planning an adventure holiday involving hiking or a lot of walking? If you're not already involved ... Read more Traveling for Senior Women

Advice for traveling business women

Businesswomen Abroad Learn to greet your business host in his or her language. This show of respect and consideration is always appreciated. Always meet your business contacts in the lobby of your hotel. Avoid giving out your room number. Print your business cards in English on one side and in the language of the host country on the ... Read more Advice for traveling business women