Air Travel Advice for Women

Air Travel

Remember that, when you’re flying, your body has to adapt to changes in cabin pressure, the air you’re breathing and different time zones.

Traveling in comfortable, casual clothes that don’t restrict body movement is a good idea. Also remember that your feet are bound to swell. Avoid travelling in pull-on boots; shoes with laces make the most sense.

Lip balm and moisturizer can help to combat the dryness of aircraft cabins.

If you use contraceptive pills, be sure to take them every 24 hours. Don’t be misled by crossing time zones.

A good way to minimize jet lag is to drink a glass of water for every hour you’re in the air.

Chewing gum will help relieve the pressure that builds up in your ears, especially during the plane’s final descent.

Tip / Info: Shoes are never worn in Muslim mosques and Buddhist temples. Travelers should pack a pair of heavy socks.

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