Coping with Foreign Bathrooms

Coping with Foreign Bathrooms

Some toilets will flush, but many won’t. In developing countries, some cubicles are enclosed. However, as you venture further into the countryside, you might have to make do with little or no privacy.

To cope with the vagaries of foreign bathrooms, consider wearing a long, full skirt. This will allow for some modesty in situations where you have to “go” outdoors.

Always carry a supply of toilet paper with you. In some parts of the world, it’s either very scarce or too coarse to be usable.

In parts of Asia and Africa, expect a jug of water, left beside the toilet, in lieu of paper.

The smell in toilets is sometimes overpowering. Try dabbing some mentholated ointment or lip balm under your nose to help mask the odours while you use the facilities.

Carry your own antiseptic wipes or a small bar of soap. These are generally not readily available.

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