Networking for Female Travelers


As soon as you begin your journey, start plugging into the female network. Finding a good source may lead you to many others. Local women are usually as pleased to meet you as you are to meet them.

Carry referrals from women back home. Take advantage of the contacts they made when they travelled.

In larger cities, make a quick check of local directories under the headings “female,” “woman” or “travel.” This can produce wonders. You’ll probably find listings for craft collectives, women’s bookstores, women’s entrepreneurial councils and women’s organizations.

Check with the Canadian embassy or consulate for any listings of women’s expatriate clubs and organizations. Members of these groups can sometimes be an excellent source of information. They might even invite you to one of their cultural events.

Think about joining a female-guided walking tour. It’s not only a wonderful way to learn about a place, but it’s also a perfect way to meet other female travellers. Be sure to chat with the leader; she’ll be a worthwhile source of female-friendly information.

More About Meeting people while Travelling

In less populated places, the person who runs the place where you’re staying will probably know everyone in the village and will be ready to provide advice and introductions. Carry a small notepad and coloured pencils. While children might not understand the language you speak, they’ll delight in drawings you make for them.

Pack photographs of your home and family. They’re perfect icebreakers wherever you travel. If you can’t make yourself understood in the local language, seek out female teenagers. Chances are they’re studying some English at school and will take pride in being your translator.

Tip / Info: “A woman travelling is able to gather up those encounters and observations, moments of clarity or frustration, wonder or defeat. And they all become part of her personal history.” – Donna Nebenzahl, women’s columnist and feature writer