Security while Traveling

Extra Security Makes Sense

You can use a cotton money belt that you wear around your waist or a cotton pouch that hangs around your neck and is concealed by loose-fitting clothes. Another excellent option is a security half-slip worn under a skirt or dress. Hidden under the hem are three zippered compartments perfect for holding travel documents, cash and credit cards. If you plan to spend time at the beach, consider buying a waterproof pack worn around the waist. It’s a practical method of keeping your valuables safe and dry.

Be sure to make duplicate copies of all your important travel documents. Store these in your suitcase and, if the originals are lost or stolen, you’ll have a workable backup system. It’s also a good idea to leave copies of these documents with a family member or friend.

If you’ll be travelling in developing countries, pack a small flashlight. Power failures can be frequent. Consider carefully whether to accept food or drink from strangers. Understand that drugging is always a possibility.

More About Security while Travelling

In any country you visit, avoid sightseeing in isolated places. If you plan to rent a car, consider travelling with a cellular phone. If you do, make sure you have an emergency telephone number in case you experience a mechanical breakdown or find yourself in a dangerous situation. Never pick up hitchhikers. And never get out of your car if someone bumps into it; wait for the police to arrive.

Tip / Info: “As a woman, my fear of being cooped up in my home without new challenges, new conversations, new vistas, far outweighs any fears I might have at travelling solo in a strange land.” – Evelyn Hannon, editor,

“Foreign women aren’t seen as women per se in China, but first and foremost as foreigners. As such they won’t be any more vulnerable than a male traveller.” – Jan Wong, Globe and Mail columnist and author of Jan Wong’s China