Sexual Harassement while Traveling

Avoiding Harassment

Avoid wearing provocative, form-fitting clothing. A woman alone may be considered fair game. Understand this and prepare yourself mentally for any propositions, suggestive comments or catcalls. Then simply ignore them.

In some male-dominated cultures, it’s considered incorrect for a woman to travel solo. For these and other potentially challenging destinations, you might want to team up with a companion. Two women travelling together might have an easier time.

In some cultures, making eye contact with a man is a sign that you want his company. Some women solve this problem by wearing dark glasses.

Be aware that you’ll probably be openly stared at. In countries where you look very different from everybody else, both men and women will make no attempt to hide their curiosity.

Behave confidently. When you’re out, try to look as if you know exactly where you’re going and what you’re doing.
More About Sexual Harassment while Travelling

Take your cue from the local women. As a general rule, if they don’t sit in caf├ęs alone, you shouldn’t either. If they aren’t wearing sleeveless dresses, neither should you. Never accept car rides or hitchhike. Ask the local hotels to recommend reputable taxis and, whenever possible, try to double up with someone you know when travelling by cab.

Discuss Sexual Harassment while Travelling

Crowded trains and buses can be perfect breeding grounds for antisocial behaviour. Some men will use this opportunity to touch or pinch the female passengers standing close to them. If this happens to you, make a fuss. Point at the offender and chastise him in a loud voice. He’ll probably slink away. However, to avoid these types of advances, consider choosing reserved seating. In countries where it is available, take advantage of the female-only section in buses, trains and subways. Use this excellent opportunity to communicate with local women and their children.