Traveling After Dark

Alone After Sundown

Since it’s always interesting to experience the sights and rhythms of a place after dark, consider joining a sightseeing group. Check with the local tourism centre for any appropriate tours or cultural events that are available. Make sure that the tour bus picks you up and drops you off at your hotel or hostel.

Alternatively, you may appreciate matinée performances, which are far less expensive and may give you an opportunity to meet others.

If you’re not comfortable eating alone in the evening, have your main meal at lunchtime when even the finest restaurants offer their specialties at more reasonable prices.

During the day, why not stop at a market or supermarket and shop alongside the local women? You can learn about the food specialties of the area and put together a meal to eat as a picnic in your room. Even with wine, it’s less expensive than eating out every night.

More About Advice for Women Travelling Alone

Understand that, in some parts of the world, “respectable” women don’t go out alone in the evening. In these places, a flagrant rejection of this custom could very well put you in jeopardy. Instead, after a long day of sightseeing, welcome the opportunity to rest, relax and rejuvenate yourself, so you can be ready to enjoy another full day of new experiences.

Tip / Info: In Saudi Arabia, a woman must wear an abbaya (a long black dress that covers the body from the shoulders to the toes). A scarf should be carried at all times to cover the head when requested.

In Saudi Arabia, a woman is not allowed to drive a motor vehicle or ride a bicycle. She must have a male driver.