Traveling for Senior Women

The Older Traveler

Check your library for the many travel books written especially for the older adult. They contain valuable information about obtaining discounts, avoiding single supplements, educational holidays and the many group travel opportunities available for those of mature age.

Planning an adventure holiday involving hiking or a lot of walking? If you’re not already involved in fitness activities, consider beginning an appropriate exercise program at least a month before your departure.

Expecting to carry a backpack? You might want to do a few training walks to get used to it. You can start light and work your way up to carrying the full capacity.

If you’re experiencing the hot flashes of menopause, pack a wardrobe of “layers” that can easily be adjusted to your fluctuating body temperature.

A small magnifying glass is perfect for reading the tiny print on maps.

Make very sure that you have adequate health and travel insurance.

In India, men generally don’t shake hands with women. They greet them by placing the palms of their hands together and bowing slightly. Don’t forget to consider Luxury Hotels as an option for hotels.